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  1. Mero
    February 25, 2017 1:57 am

    Does anyone know why it seems to be that some ppl know the ending of Ouke no Monshou when the manga is still ongoing in Japan?

    Also, does anyone know when Carol gets pregnant?

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  2. fujoshi February 25, 2017 1:57 am

    If you're interested in talking to fellow fujoshis and/or fans, join this discord server. We mostly talk about yaoi :P but the topic can get changed quick as fucc, boi.


    sticking around for a while will guarantee you a first class ticket to hell.
    dont forget your tissues in case of a nosebleed.

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  3. Anonymous February 25, 2017 1:57 am

    I haven't read it yet but is No.6 actually Shounen Ai? Just checking cos I remember reading a manga that was labelled Shounen Ai when it actually wasnt( ̄へ ̄)

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    • Mero
      February 25, 2017 2:00 am

      Yes it is but it is more about the story than the romance. I watched the anime and it doesn't really have that much romance.

  4. KikiBee
    February 25, 2017 1:53 am

    It's stupid to put this here but I'm excited...totally got asked out. :D lol By an anime geek so YAAAY.

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  5. Anonymous February 25, 2017 1:36 am

    Forgive me ╥﹏╥ I really want to read yaoi that includes piss/piss fetish.... a list would be great

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  6. Sakura
    February 25, 2017 1:31 am

    Hey guys please HELP!
    It been long time since i watched the anime . I dont know years it is and forgot the name .
    The anime is about a normal student girl . She probally has short black hair . The art is good n genres are superpower(?), action n more(?) . Somehow a guy or woman trying to slice her with his blade at school back but she just grabbed that thing with three nor two fingers n say 'please dont play around with this toy' n then that guy talking in his mind 'she strong'

    Then theres more characters coming(?) n i remember she transforms(?) red n black clothes with eye pacted (i didt remember what colour n with eye it it)

    So pleaseeee help me i really want to watch it again n also sorry for the english

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    • Shinobi no Suzaku February 25, 2017 1:53 am

      is it Another????

    • jha February 25, 2017 1:53 am

      D GRAY MAN?

      sorry just guessing hahahahha

  7. Princessserenity February 25, 2017 1:23 am

    Hey guys! He's sooo cute i wanna know if its just an art, an illustration or actually a manga? If it is a manga can u tell me the title???

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  8. victoriaime
    February 25, 2017 1:11 am

    yaoi with spanking?
    ლ(´ڡ`ლ)thnks thnks xx

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  9. idontknow
    February 25, 2017 1:09 am

    Any Yaoi manga where the Uke has a medical problem/condition?

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  10. anlg
    February 25, 2017 1:08 am

    It's a yaoi manga: the seme is a creeper stalker and is friends with the uke. the uke knows he has a stalker but he doesn't know who it is.the seme leaves a used condom on the uke's doorknob. te seme comforts the uke. the seme's friends know that he is the stalker.

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    • MrsHatake February 25, 2017 1:12 am

      Color recipe

    • anlg
      February 25, 2017 1:19 am

      Thank you so much!!! (●'◡'●)ノ

  11. rapmonlover February 25, 2017 12:59 am

    Gimme some good manga that is not yaoi and yuri related. Romance or shoujo. Just list it. Pleaseee help meeeee ^^

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  12. yaoi February 25, 2017 12:19 am





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  13. sarahxc February 24, 2017 11:57 pm

    Does anyone know when it will update again <3? I'm new to joining this account ╥﹏╥

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    • Mero
      February 25, 2017 2:06 am

      Hi! it updates every 10 days. You can see the dates chapters were added right besides the chapter list in the page of A man like you

    • Mero
      February 25, 2017 2:07 am

      The new chapter should come out on the 25th I think

  14. gay _penguins
    February 24, 2017 11:27 pm

    does anyone know the chapter extra from hidoku shinaide where maya was like a little dog and nemu was his owner

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  15. mrl98
    February 24, 2017 11:18 pm

    I want to buy a Yaoi manga - digital one. That's not on this site ( I already buy from sublime the good ones so thanks )and a completed one, a good one preferably.

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  16. 시나몬
    February 24, 2017 10:37 pm

    Eyyo! Anyone who knows mangas that has similar art style to this ~ http://bank-sovetov.ru/read-manga/denkou_sekka_boys/ ~ Thank you (~•^•)~

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  17. jazc20
    February 24, 2017 10:22 pm

    Guys would any of you happen to know who's art or if a manga which one it is?

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  18. Zed
    February 24, 2017 10:21 pm

    I wonder when the same time/ same place as always (I don't remember the name very well but hopefully that made sense) wil be updated, it's like the cutest story ;-;

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  • JustLookingAround : I completely agree with you ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
  • wolfhei : I think so too.ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~
  • Susan Foster : I love Shell's ears they are so sexy(๑•ㅂ•)و✧
  • Anonymous : fuck this, outta here. lol
  • Aiteal : not in mine! they were all woman and i love Math!!!! :)
  • Bakadesu : Yup same here its just that a little bit weird to throw the medicine... My gosh my curiosity is coming again
  • baggedmilk : Ikr.. when will it update ;-;
  • Asdjkl : Noel huh.. sister?? or fated something? i dont think a parent would name her son and then daughter the reverse name but then.. timorem needs a strong connection.. honestly, the first thing came up to my mind was he was that girl before, some kind of reincarnation or soul switching..
  • Guzmer : im not surprised! its really good man
  • bby.yaoi : DICK HIM DOWN
  • That one young kid : We should ship victors dog from yoi with sam
  • Light : Hmm, so the lover that Yone-senpai brought was Ao? I mean, isn't Yone-senpai is Natsuki ??
  • CCR : My bad I ment Jane Eyre not Wuthering Heights (▰˘◡˘▰)
  • Mikki : I felt so sad for Shells dad, he must miss Ellie from the way he welcomed Eric. ;-;
  • rotten : i completely agree with you. the plot just keeps going in a loop the same way haru's feeling towards ren keeps going in a circle. i can understand the in haru's position anyone would be conflicted but still there has to be a limit to it.
    and now that the plot is no longer advancing, the mangaka has decided to introduce amnesia as a plot device once again( ̄∇ ̄") .i thought this could be used only once, guess i was wrong *sighs*(feels a bit like she has run out of ideas). i hope that the plot really advances this time and haru finally makes it clear whether he likes ren as a brother or a lover.
  • mini_b2013 : Will there be another one because this is incomplete
  • Anonymous : This got me thinking...since gods are terrible why does religion exist? Shouldn't all of us be atheist and hate the gods for being sinners, rapist, and all kinds of chaos?

    It's really weird how we still rely on god or buddha.
  • Hello : Just stop reading this if you hate it (whether it's the whole story or just the characters). Just saying this since there're lotsa people out there who still "force" themselves to continue reading despite hating it?? (Why do you torture yourself??)
    I'm not mad at this manhwa..maybe it's because I'm a very casual reader when it comes to "smutty" BL/yaoi. I tend to separate what I read into what I feel is PWP/smut and realistic/serious and approach it with different attitude and expectation. I don't feel like this manhwa is aiming to be highly realistic or is it trying to be a accurate portrayal of real life situations (I think that masturbating for your friend to see is already like a dead giveaway that this manhwa isn't "realistic") so that's why I'm not taking it too seriously.
    So if you're a very serious reader, do skip this manhwa since you might end up with way too many things to complain about.
  • king : yeeeee my boys!
  • Anachan : ..... ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭.......I don't know what to say to that but you'll really be missing good things in life if you're afraid of being hurt... Pain is sometimes good ye'know, it makes you stronger, at least that's how I see things ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ You're not obligated to read it, if you don't want then it it's fine.
  • Amnesia's Heroine : Didnt mean the
  • That one young kid : We must all ship victor from yoi with shell ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
  • Anonymous : Funny
  • Shao : Viktor's butt. Wow so majestic (⊙…⊙ )
  • king : so much sexual tensionnnnn
  • rotten : that girl definitely deserves all the hate she can get but i wouldn't say all the girls in this manga are bad, i think kiri is pretty chill, mature and cool.
  • pinkiepie : I like it. (=・ω・=)

    That first alpha needs to be figured out though. Throwing away pill like that
  • Mimi K : I say this manga at Barnes and Nobel and I read the first chp ish and never came back to it, but when I saw this again I was like "huh? why not?" and just read the lastest chp. Ohhhhhh how confused I was, i ended up reading the whole thing in like 4 hours cuz it was so intense. I kind get whats going on. But theres so many things happening at the same time that its super hard to explain ( ̄∇ ̄")
  • Mimi K : because they have been reprogrammed by fluff head to protect them from the "bad ones"
  • Wuat : The moral of this story is :
    Don't pick a Gay AV in the rent store if you don't wanna get raped by a gay guy
  • mizunocaitlin : That's not true at all. Yuuri has his anxieties and self doubt, but when he gets on the ice to perform he transforms. Yuuri grabs Viktor by the tie. Yuuri pole dances in front of his idol. Yuuri slips a ring onto Viktor's finger. Yuuri is not exactly a shrinking violet. In the heat of the moment, his real self comes out.
  • Anonymous : I was hooked on this one for a looong time
  • Anonymous : I agree with you. As for the people who commented on you thinking they know better, i have never seen more intolerant and arrogant bunch of hypocrites.
  • baggedmilk : I think it was Sky Blue or something???.. but I changed some parts up in the comment :/ The manga is similar to it, except the suicide attempt kid isnt the mc. The homophobe was the mc(he does feel remorse for what he did) and later on he meets another gay kiddo who's in love with him..etc.. It was on the home page of mangago a few times.
  • mizunocaitlin : Hi I translated this. Wow you guys poach this stuff fast. The original (and translation) are posted here: http://paper.wildmushroomland.com/zenbu-hoshii-i-want-everything/

    As for this debate about who should "top", Japanese fandom agrees with that gay man up thread. There are fan events going on this month and one is Viktor uke, another is Yuuri. I'm going to a Viktor uke event tomorrow. Going to buy EVERYTHING. As a more realistic gay couple in canon, doujin authors seem to have settled into a depiction of them as sexually diverse and adventurous with each other. I, for one, welcome the change. The old ideas about exclusive "uke" and "seme" characters are based on heteronormative values. In a gay or lesbian relationship, one person is not the "man" and the other is not the "woman". Gay men are men. Lesbian women are women. It's nice to see parts of fandom, both English speaking and Japanese, realizing this.
  • Bakpia_100 : This is interesting. I thought it gonna be another clinched onesided love thingy and actually it's not. And I love it!ヾ(☆▽☆)
  • Morphine : *Torture TwT
  • Morphine : Waiting for updates is torutre...
  • ねぇねぇ : Actually I was being generous, I'd say definitely 5 for Akihito, 6 for Asami :)

    And anything over than that starts to look unappealing, at least to me lol.
  • Yoshaaaaaaaaaaaa : Aren't we all??!!
  • warlord : cool the Youjo Senki (Sub) Episode 007 was very good and simple to American drop rear line when they have partroop drop them in heart middle they leader place cool I want more of this anime and I hope the author catch up to anime or be fall behide so I wish mangag of this finsh fast for new chapter
    ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
  • _yukiyuu_ : Jei suomii
  • Onapenny : I found some on youtube but I'll check this out. Thanks :)
  • MOI? : Mer-chan: "yo, why ya killin' alreay! Woman, ima tell ya yer wrong!" *gets killed* ...RIP
  • Miki~n : that's not the point here xD
  • Guzmer : i loved this! i dont get why people were triggered by the rape. like they know this is fake right?? so who tf cares if it didnt even actually happen
  • Sakura : I watched the anime but i want to see yushi married with arc
  • MOI? : *Shic grabs his arm and gets shocked*
    Blow: "you can't touch this... ta-da-da-da-ta-da-daaaa" (get it? Get it?) ROTL :,))
  • tokidoki : Length is not everything, it is all in how you use it. (oh and girth too!)
  • Morphine : You're giving me hope here... ┗( T﹏T )┛
  • ねぇねぇ : Well except for Mikhail's, it's not like we can't see them ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
    My, 8.5 is a bit too much aha, if the Pink Gold chapter is anything to go by, I'd say it seems to be around 6-7 inches. 5-6 inches seems about right for Akihito.
  • MOI? : DITTO! (With all my heart!)
  • tokidoki : Ummm are they walking dicks? I stand at 178 cm - which is 5'11" O.O
  • Morphine : This was so good... it's hard finding yaoi I like that has an entertaining story. I also liked that they went through some problems related to their sexuality, I just like mangas/manhuas that discuss that a bit (the only thing is I wish it had more ero moments with Yuri and Jaerim 'cause I'm a perv...)
  • Ares : Asahaina bubble but looks so fine ლ(´ڡ`ლ) no wonder Reo have a hard time resisting the temptation
  • Nicholas Hale : But on another thought, it is the authors job to make characters that connect with the reader, which this manga hasn't done so much. So it's not the personality of the characters since characters don't have an obligation to be perfect or "good" but there's a lack of character to reader connection I think
  • HaJime : Yes! I want this too!

    Though it's more likely she'll kill him off and have him confess to Eric about his love for Ellie in his last moments...
  • michelle-is-boring : Ok but Daichi called Hinata "Little One" and that he also said that the reason Kageyama stayed in Karasuno was because of the "Little One"....His little one and by his I mean Kags.
  • Miki~n : I prefer Yuuri as seme as well ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍
  • Nicholas Hale : I love this. Love is usually imperfect, and not like some "fated love" type of thing which a lot of yaoi has. I'm not saying that's bad either, I love my share of those mangas. But main characters aren't supposed to be perfect, and they don't even have to be appealing. Where's the diversity if all main characters do the right thing and have great personalities?
  • Hyur : Ohmagod, thanks so very very much xD
    Poor kurose-kun, Phew, thank god he really do love shirotani-san xD
    I hope dad will be appeared soon, and that "Bitch" that made shirotani like that can dieeeeeeeeee~ (╬ ̄皿 ̄)凸
  • Anonymous : Patrick is such a piece of shit
  • Sakura : Want moree ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~
  • michelle-is-boring : I started giggling like crazy when Eric claimed Shell in front of them like, "Yeah he's mine keep walking.";) XD
  • Luna-YaoiFan : are we ever going to see a kiss between those two? who knows..
  • Double_smile : Is there an English version?
  • Abril : Typo lol ren
  • otokke : I'm scared something bad is going to happen ┗( T﹏T )┛
  • Abril : Omg omg omg R.E.M. Is coming and she's gonna get the part I can see it already ヾ(☆▽☆)
    But know we have to wait until march I can't with all this excitement I already have Σ(っ°Д °;)っ
  • Vamplady019 : Yeah, that's the one I'm talking about!
  • Anonymous : It's so awkward reading this >~<. It's like so good but when I read her name it gets awkward cause my name is also Mai lol ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄
  • Shinkodbwoss : Dai: He's gonna be so flustered about tonight, he's gonna be like a wonton virgin. Won't even be able to look me in the eye.

    Aoi: So I'm set on tonight oh and I did some asking around and got lube vibrators etc

    Me at Dai: Ha bitch you thought!!!
  • Kuinshi : Starts with a misunderstanding and ends with a bed scene.
  • Anonymous : you're being a hypocrite
  • Eteria : some flowers and chocolate.. wtf... XD oh gosh too cliche!! this aint valentine's day you know!!
  • HeilHydra : Their personalities clash, so it's pretty funny. It's like the Sasuke and Naruto kind of friendship. If Sasuke were a girl, I bet over half the fans would have wanted them together just because they were polar opposites. I'm not stopping anyone from shipping Shic and Blow together, but I think this would also be the case if Shic were a girl. lol So, I agree with you in a way. But, I also wouldn't want this to be a romance of any sort. Not even Rood with some other girl or whomever. I'm sick of plots suddenly developing romance just to bring in readers. I have to agree that romance of any sort would ruin most plots, personally.

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